Buy Local: Corridor Yoga Studios with Online Classes

Note: I initially posted this on Facebook so I could update with local studio links and online opportunities in real-time. Unfortunately, someone reported my Facebook post was spam and they took it down. It’s too bad, as the intent is to share what local studios are doing to help support their business and my yoga teacher friends. Again, I don’t receive any compensation, nor expect any, from sharing information about studios that are open.

Today, Governor Kim Reynolds closed all gyms (which includes our beloved yoga studios). This means our local studios are working diligently to move their classes online if they have the capacity.

Because we will need these spaces when we return to some type of normalcy, we need to support them through this challenging time. Additionally, we as a whole need yoga and meditation now, more than ever.

A few things to keep in mind and studios make this transition: not all studios have the A/V or production capacity the “big names” have. Many are using free tools that are easier to learn, may run live classes, and there will be hiccups with logins, audio, and visual. Be patient. Wait out glitches, child’s pose is always an option.

Your studio may ask you to pay to attend these virtual classes and we should be happy to pay these qualified teachers for their time. There are lots of free yoga apps and classes out there right now too, but they are not our friends, our neighbors, or our coworkers. These apps will not be contributing to our local economies. While I know finances are questionable for all of us, the more we can do to support our local studios, the quicker our community will return to its vibrant state once we’ve weathered this storm.

Below is a list of studios with online options. These are the local studios I know of right now and like all things related to our changing lives, this is fluid. If you cannot attend virtual classes, consider extending your memberships, buying gift cards, and other methods to support your local studio.

Studio owners, the state and federal government are work diligently to provide resources to small business owners. Please use these resources to assist you as needed an relevant. This is also a great time to use small business resources to work on business planning.

Heat Yoga: @heatyogacr

Toula Yoga: @toulayoga

Bliss Yoga: @blissyogastudioia

Breathing Room Yoga: @breathingroomyogacedarrapids

Downward Dog:

Note: If other local studios are doing online classes, feel free to send me the information and I’ll update it as I can. If you don’t want your studio listed, you can message me and I’ll take your studio off this list.