Pacing, Pausing, and Breathing

Long rides are all about pacing (and pausing) and yoga practice is about finding the space and breath between the poses. Starting a business is a combination of both experiences.

It’s been a whirlwind winter and as I look at the calendar the realization hits me that I have less than ninety days until I depart for my summer overseas adventures! Many different projects have kept me on my toes these last few weeks and show no signs of slowing as spring hits the Midwest. Throughout this start up phase, I have to continue to think about pacing, pausing, and finding the space to breathe.

I’m so grateful to Toula Yoga for offering yoga teacher training last year. This course opened a wealth of new opportunities and intertwines with my passion for cycling and adventure. Yoga practice provides the necessary pause I need as I work to do ‘all of the things.’ I’ve been able to partner with a dear friend to offer yoga classes in a variety of places, including my favorite bike shop, Goldfinch, and another friend’s new boxing club. I’m now teaching classes on Mondays in Coggon and Tuesdays and Fridays at Radical Fitness in Cedar Rapids.

Ignite Outside has partnered to create some brand new recreation opportunities in Linn County! In April, the first annual Mindful Classic will happen on the singletrack trails at Squaw Creek. Events provide the pacing, forcing me to schedule mindfully.

*Side note, it’s been awesome to see the Red Cedar project come to a close. I’ve been engaged in many endeavors including writing the grants, writing contract language, and procuring contractors! I can’t wait to share these trails with so many others!

And, speaking of trails at Squaw Creek, Ignite Outside will be hosting our first beginner’s mountain bike clinic in May. Registration will be open soon, keep an eye on social media for details. It’s been years since I’ve taught a clinic and I’m looking forward to helping more riders experience our Iowa singletrack and the capacity to pause while enjoying nature. 

Finally, our local cycling nonprofit, Birds of a Feather, has been making steady progress towards forming a legal entity (501c3) for our work. This means we can take in donations and reach even more women through our cycling workshops and donations to local organizations helping women.

I’m spending the week exploring trails and gathering information on bike share systems in the Seattle area and am excited to get back to Midwest spring and gravel riding. Remember to pace yourself, pause, and find the space to breathe.